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                According to the actual use of the water spray system suffocation, cooling, emulsion, diluted with water film covering five major role, so as to achieve the effect of fire control and fire-fighting, it is widely used in petrochemical, oil processing, aerospace, electronics, shipbuilding, milling, paper, wood, textile, brewery, garage, fruit processing industries. Flow for 15 ~ 160L / min, spray angle commonly 120 °, take over the thread of 1/2 "to 1" thread sealing, the material with hard aluminum, brass and stainless steel. According to user requirements for surface rust treatment, beautiful and durable.

                根據用戶實際使用噴霧系統窒息 冷卻 乳液稀釋覆蓋五個主要作用從而達到火災控制撲救火災影響廣泛用於石化 石油加工 航空航天 電子 造船 銑削 紙張 木材 紡織 釀酒廠 車庫 水果加工等行業流量 15 ~ 160 L/min噴霧錐常用 120 °,接管密封 黃銅不銹鋼材料1/2"到 1"線程線程根據用戶要求表面防銹處理美觀耐用
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